Momentum CT

Magnetic Insight’s Momentum CT is a self-shielded pre-clinical MPI imager with integrated X-ray/CT. The imaging system utilizes a high-field gradient main magnet and proprietary x-space image reconstruction to produce the world’s highest sensitivity and resolution MPI images. The system’s intuitive workflow and robust reconstruction reliably produce high-quality images and do not require a dedicated operator.

The Momentum CT also includes an optional x-ray/CT for automated anatomical co-registration with MPI images. The integrated CT enables:

  • Automatically co-registered MPI + X-ray/CT workflow
  • Fast, low dose X-ray/CT images
  • Quantitative cell tracking with anatomical context


Control Every Aspect of Your Experiment

Straightforward acquisition settings

The Momentum CT offers the flexibility to set up optimal imaging conditions through an intuitive interface anyone can navigate.

Step by step on-screen instructions

Follow on-screen instructions to confirm samples position, acquire optical reference image and start the scan.

Quick image viewer

Automatically see your image seconds after an acquisition and quickly assess your data prior to full analysis.

MPI Imager
Animal Models: Mouse
Field Strength: 0 - 5.7 T/m (variable)
Imaging free bore: 49 mm
F.O.V.: 6 cm x 6 cm x 12 cm
Integral RF shield: Yes
RF transmit strength: >15 mT peak in (X,Z)
Transmit and channels: 2 (X,Z)
Animal Bed: Two-part bed with detachable sled
CT Specifications
Imaging Modes: 3 SNR modes of low, balanced and high
Resolution: 3.0 line pairs/mm at 10% MTF
Scan time: less than 60s
Export: Tiff and DICOM
Field of view: 5 x 5 x 10 cm
Dose/scan: Dose/scan 5-50 mGy
Software: Integrated with Momentum acquisition software