Components:  Each vial contains 1.1ml of VivoTrax superparamagnetic iron oxide   (SPIO) dextran magnetite nanoparticle solution. Core size is approximately 6 nm (+/- 0.5 nm) and hydrodynamic diameter is 62 nm (+/- 4 nm).

Format:  Each vial contains ~5.5mg/mL total iron and ~6mg/mL carboxydextran in sterilized PBS Endotoxins<0.5 EU/mgFe

Storage:  Ambient temperature under 2-8°C and away from sunlight

Properties:  Hydrophilic colloidal solution of super-paramagnetic iron oxide coated with carboxydextran.

Appearance:  Amber liquid

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VivoTrax Plus (5 vials)
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